10 Benefits Of Vitamin C

10 Benefits of Vitamin C

Do you lot know what are the benefits of vitamin C for the body? Vitamin C enters the procedure of collagen formation inward the body, too many others, acquire near its benefits inward this article.

Do you lot know what are the benefits of vitamin C for your body, your wellness too your appearance? This too to a greater extent than volition last recognized inward the next article.

Vitamin C Benefits
There are a number of reasons that highlight the benefits of vitamin C, peculiarly taking it inward the cast of supplements, including:

1- Combating flu too colds
Vitamin C is effective inward preventing colds too flu too likewise inward treating it, too many people bear witness to it, equally the vast bulk of studies back upwards this position.

It all depends on the dosage, which should last high plenty for handling or for prevention of influenza.

2- Treatment of viral diseases
Vitamin C cures most viral diseases when used correctly. For example, Dr. Friedrich Kellner documented sixty cases of polio, which he treated amongst injections containing vitamin C.

The recovery was complete, too none of the children had whatsoever musculus damage.

Giving vitamin C to children earlier too afterward receiving the vaccine protects them from potential harm to the vaccine itself, too children who have an adequate daily dose of this vitamin, are less probable to last vaccinated against viral diseases.

3 – lower cholesterol
Vitamin C lowers cholesterol levels, too cholesterol is a necessary total for the body.According to the molecular correction approach, the cholesterol degree increases when the torso needs it.

Apparently, vitamin C plant inward a agency that eliminates the body’s postulate for high cholesterol inward the blood.

4. Promote oculus health
Vitamin C is introduce inward a high concentration inward all parts of the eye, which indicates that the eyes postulate it. Taking vitamin C effectively too rapidly lowers high intraocular pressure, preventing glaucoma.

It is probable that vitamin C intake likewise prevents cataract, too plant together amongst vitamin E to preclude diabetes harm to the retina.

5 – protection from the pressures of life

The highest concentration of vitamin C inward the torso is inward the adrenal glands, where it prevents the erosion of the forcefulness of dealing amongst life stress.

6. Protection from environmental toxins
Vitamin C plant on:

Neutralizes or reduces the harm caused yesteryear many environmental toxins, including benzene, pesticides, nicotine, nitrates, radiations too heavy metals.
Reduces the harmful effects of smoking too alcohol.
Today, nosotros postulate to a greater extent than vitamin C than inward the past, because of the large amount of toxins inward our modern environment.

7. Protect the pump too circulatory system
When at that spot are high levels of vitamin C inward the blood, the initial procedure of atherosclerosis tin last avoided, too the combination of vitamin C too amino acid lysine tin trim down plaque inward the arteries.

This procedure leads to relief for suffering from angina, unremarkably inside x days to a month.

8- Collagen production
Vitamin C produces collagen, the body’s connecter protein, too is thus essential for the wellness of connecter tissues, such equally skin, bones, tendons, gums too blood vessels.

Because of this feature, vitamin C is necessary for injure healing too should thus last used equally a handling earlier too afterward surgery.

9. Combating cancer
There are many features of vitamin C that protect against cancer.

10. General positive impact
Vitamin C seems to last the most of import drug amidst the existing drugs. Almost no illness tin touching on it positively, but the of import affair is the right dose.

How compass nosotros acquire vitamin C?
Before getting into the benefits of vitamin C, showtime start amongst the query arises – is it improve to possess got vitamin C supplements? Is it plenty to rely on the amount of vitamin C obtained from eating fruits too vegetables?

The answer to this query is clear: it is almost impossible to acquire plenty vitamin C from food.

Humans are a mammal that does non create this vitamin because of a genetic mutation, piece other mammals create vitamin C inward their bodies inward the amount of 40-300 mg per kilogram of torso weight, too does non create fifty-fifty 1 milligram of it.

We conclude that a individual weighing lxx kg needs at to the lowest degree 2800 mg of vitamin C per day, fifty-fifty a diet rich inward fruits too vegetables, provides entirely 10% of this amount.

The recommended dose of vitamin C
Vitamin C is rubber to use, but it remains a strong substance, too rubber too effective role of vitamin C requires a lot of knowledge. Each individual has a dissimilar reaction, too likewise the needs of each individual modify amongst changes inward their situation.

Before taking vitamin C, it is of import to consult a specialist inward the bailiwick of medicine amongst molecular correction equally it is of import to consult a MD earlier taking whatsoever medication.

Among people who are prevented from taking high doses of vitamin C:

Those who possess got a high Fe level.
Those who possess got congenital deficiency inward the enzyme G6PD.
Most people are able to possess got effective doses of vitamin C.

Warnings too risks
Now nosotros volition address only about of the objections to high doses of vitamin C:

According to studies from Harvard Medical School too others, vitamin C does non Pb to kidney stones, too at that spot is no footing for claims that it harms the liver or kidneys, causes cancer, destroys vitamin B12, etc.
The recommended daily dose of vitamin C, is sixty mg, which prevents the occurrence of scurvy, but this illness appears entirely at the terminate of the procedure of atrophy. But the adequate dose for immature people is non the same for the elderly.
It is truthful that a high dose of vitamin C is absorbed less compared to a depression dose, but entirely inward per centum terms.

Any larger quantity – 100% of 500 or 50% of 5000? What is non absorbed too remains inward the intestine protects the intestinal cells from toxins too cancer. What is absorbed is excreted inward the urine too prevents urinary tract contamination.

In conclusion, the concept of vitamin C inward the populace should last changed.

By Dr Mahad Shah
Ms Productions